a bit About ME

I am a modern graphic artist and designer, whose work captures bits and pieces of our modern world. From simple designs to layered visual puzzles, my art and designs have an architectural spirit — structured, organized, made up of modern lines, stylized shapes, patterns and playful compositions, all thoughtfully orchestrated to achieve a delightful design experience.

I am passionate about bringing life to products and places, creating art and designs for art licensing markets, commercial projects, commissions, collections, murals, brand environments, public spaces, retail spaces and more.

I studied architecture, graduating with a Bachelors of Architecture degree, before switching to the visual communications world of art and design, graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. Looking back, my designs are a testament to what I dream about, understand and love creating.


some folks i've created work for

Leo Burnett / Chicago
Loveland Public Library
Oz Architecture / Denver
Hallmark Greeting Cards
A.D. Lines-Euro Group
Design House Greetings
Jose Cuervo International
Great Arrow Cards
Marshall Cavendish / Amazon
Harcourt / London
Philadelphia Home Magazine
Home Comfort
Little Simon / Simon & Schuster
Hooked On Phonics
Tricycle Press / Random House
Marian Heath Cards
Nickelodeon Jr. Magazine
Leap Frog
Rhode Island Monthly Magazine
Cricket Magazine
Scott Foresman
Childrens Hospital of Orange County
SRA McGraw-Hill
Calypso Cards
Kym Abrams Design
Denmark The Agency