About Lee


Lee Calderon is a graphic artist and designer, whose work captures and celebrates the joyful spirit of simple things from our complex modern world. In his seemingly simple, colorful and charming vignettes, Lee’s art is a playful mix of design, color, geometry, pattern and iconic sentiment.

Lee’s design-driven art is a visual testament to his story. Having studied architecture and graphic design, he builds his images on a foundation of form and function—only here, function is not about shelter, structure or air conditioning, but rather about the simple art of desire. It is a world made up of simple things, colorful things, charming things, funny things, emotional things, popular things, beautiful things and cool things.

Lee creates his graphic art and designs for commercial projects, such as greeting cards and giftware, consumer products, apparel, branded environments, public spaces, retail spaces, interiors, websites, digital + print campaigns, package designs, the Children's market and various Art Licensing markets.

Lee loves color, design, architecture, Spanish music, Italy, pesto and being inspired by foreign cultures, folk art and customs. He lives in sunny, Southern California with his sunshine-y wife, three kids and interesting dog, Scout.