a bit About ME

I am a modern graphic artist and designer. From simple modern designs to layered visual puzzles, my art and designs have an architectural spirit—playing with geometry, structure, order, harmony, contrast, lines, shapes, patterns and spatial relationships. Pretty much, the things I learned in Architecture school and kindergarten.

I am passionate about bringing life to products and places, creating art and designs for commercial projects, products, restaurants and retail spaces, ad campaigns, cool design things, commissions, walls, brand environments, public spaces and art licensing markets.

I studied architecture, graduating with a Bachelors of Architecture degree, before switching to the visual communications world of art, design and advertising, when I attended and graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Looking back, my designs are a testament to what I dream about, understand and love creating.

Some of the folks I’ve created WORK for:

Leo Burnett / Chicago
Loveland Public Library
Oz Architecture / Denver
Hallmark Greeting Cards
A.D. Lines-Euro Group
Design House Greetings
Jose Cuervo International
Great Arrow Cards
Marshall Cavendish / Amazon
Harcourt / London
Philadelphia Home Magazine
Home Comfort
Little Simon / Simon & Schuster
Hooked On Phonics
Tricycle Press / Random House
Marian Heath Cards
Nickelodeon Jr. Magazine
Leap Frog
Rhode Island Monthly Magazine
Cricket Magazine
Scott Foresman
Design Associates Group
Childrens Hospital of Orange County
SRA McGraw-Hill
Calypso Cards
Kym Abrams Design
Denmark The Agency